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Coming Events and Activities

Are the important events in your congregation listed below?

If not, please encourage those who prepare your weekly bulletin to submit them to PresbyKirk. Items for this page should be sent to the webmaster at

Wednesday, September 30 at 7 p.m. Under the leadership of Gwynneth Simpson, the CPC Book Club of Central Presbyterian Church, starts the new season off with a Zoom meeting to review and discuss the popular New York Times bestseller book, Educated, A Memoir, by Tara Westover. Ms. Westover was born on a remote mountain in Idaho sometime in September of 1986. She was the seventh child of Mormon survivalist parents who subscribed to a paranoid patchwork of beliefs well outside the mandates of their religion. Her fatherís distrust of government, education, and doctors meant she didnít have a birth certificate, medical records, or school records. Encouraged by her brother who left the family home, Tara begins the process of getting education when she entered her first-ever classroom at 17 as a freshman at Brigham Young University.

Due to Covid-19 most in-person programs hosted by Presbyterian Congregations in the Presbytery of Hamilton have been cancelled.

Preferred formatting for submissions to the Events Page of PresbyKirk.
The preferred formatting follows the pattern of most of the entries on this page. They open with the day and date, include the identity of the hosting congregation or organization, and then cite the particulars of location, time, event details, cost, registration process, website link, etc. This information can be submitted in a Word document or in the body of an e-mail. Additional supporting documents may include posters, registration forms or brochures. The ideal file format for supporting documents is .pdf but we can work with whatever you supply. Announcements that follow this protocol can be posted almost immediately. If you simply provide .pdf posters etc. then the process of extracting and reformatting the information is substantially more time consuming and may slightly delay the posting of the event.

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