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Prayer Requests

We are called to be a people of prayer.

As the Presbyterian Church's contemporary statement of faith expresses it - "Worship draws us into the work of Christ. Even now he intercedes for the world to which he came and for which he died. In union with him, the church prays for the healing and the salvation of the world." (Living Faith, 7.3.3)

Since websites are public places and prayer requests often involve private or personal concerns, we are choosing not to post any specific prayer requests but rather to remind everyone to be faithful in the exercise of prayer for the church.

Pray for the Moderator of the Presbytery and for all who exercise leadership in the work of the Presbytery of Hamilton.

Pray for the congregations that make up the Presbytery. Pray for the life and work of the congregation with which you are associated.

Pray that the congregations in our Presbytery will accept the challenge to explore fresh ways to approach ministry within their community. May they find encouragement in the faithfulness of God's response to the prayers of his people.