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PresbyKirk encourages all of the Ministers within the Presbytery of Hamilton to supply a brief bio sketch that can be displayed on our website. We think that this is a helpful way for people in the area to become acquainted with those who are serving as Ministers in their midst. Clicking on a name in the list below will provide access to those profiles that are currently available.

Meet Some of the Ministers of the Presbytery of Hamilton

The Rev. Curtis Bablitz, Brant Hills Church, Burlington

The Rev. Bob Dawson, Stated Supply, St. Andrew's Church, Hagersville

The Rev. Susan Ingram Kerr

The Rev, Amin Mansour, The Almanarah Ministry

The Rev. Bruce McAnsh, Burlington East Church

The Rev. George Robertson, Knox Church, Waterdown

The Rev. Richard Warne, Knox Church, Jarvis, and Chalmers Church, Walpole