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The Rev. Susan Ingram Kerr

The Rev. Susan Kerr Susan began her journey of ordained ministry in November of 1999 when she was called to Knox Presbyterian Church, Waterdown. Before her studies at Knox College, Susan was a high school French Immersion math and dramatic arts teacher at Westdale in Hamilton, and has been involved in youth ministry for over twenty years--and the Presbyterian Church all her life. She enjoys contemporary and traditional worship, and has served in congregations that honour one, or the other, or both!

In 2004, Susan "retired" from full time ministry to spend more time at home. Since then, she has worked with congregations in transition in the capacity of both pulpit supply and music supply, vision and strategic planning facilitator, mentor/supervisor for field education students, and anything else that comes up. She has co-authored "LIFE Groups: A Small Group Leaders Manual" (and the twelve week accompanying training program) and "Wisely and Fairly for the Good of All: a bible study on faith and the global market economy" (PCC, 2007). She is also the author, lyricist and composer for two musicals: "L!ght!" (a children's Epiphany musical-2008) and "To Live Out Loud:the story of Esther" (2009).

One of Susan's ongoing ministries is her theatre company, The Company of Saints, which involves youth from Grades 2 and up. The Saints have been recognized nationally as worship leaders at youth conferences, as well as performers for smaller venues. They generally undertake at least one major production per year, but the main focus of the Company is to enable youth to grow in self confidence and to gain experience in theatre skills and performance. 2010 will mark the ten years for the Saints!