The PresbyKirk Reference Library

Here at the PresbyKirk Library we understand that sometimes your need for information is immediate and practical: you want to consult an encyclopedia for a quick definition, you need to know how to spell a word, you want to convert something into metric, or you want to find out what your mortgage payments would be if you could get a new mortgage at that appealing rate you just saw advertised. If that's your need you have come to the right place. Again, things have been grouped for speedy reference. And, if you are one of those people who just loves to read a dictionary then sit down and browse for awhile. Our librarians are sworn to secrecy and won't tell a soul.

First, there are other Internet Libraries
LibriVox A collection of audio books. (General, not specifically Christian.)

Then there are almanacs, atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias and resource manuals.
Wikipedia This free encyclopedia is huge and growing daily. Lexicon aids and a source for quotations.
Online Writing Center Helps for mastering the art of writing effective academic papers.
Infoplease One of the more comprehensive almanac type sites online.
Statistics Canada Census results and daily news releases from Statistics Canada.
The Atlas of Canada Online An atlas site maintained by Natural Resources Canada
The Canadian Encyclopedia A source of information for all things Canadian.
The Elements of Style William Strunk's classic on effective writing in English.

Then there are dictionaries and encyclopedias for those with special interests
Encyclopedia Astronautica A comprehensive reference for the history of spaceflight.

Explore these materials for help with everyday, practical concerns
Foreign Exchange Currency Converter Exchange rates for 164 different world currencies.
MortgageCalc.Com Calculate mortgage and car loan payments and related calculations.
OnlineConversion.Com Conversion tables. If it's not here you probably don't need it.
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Credit card rate comparisons.
Mortgage and Financial Calculators.
TimeAndDate.Com Determine current time and date in major cities around the world.
World Clocks Shows world population (rising) and productive land (decreasing).
Textile Industry Affairs A guide to understanding cleaning instruction tags in clothes.
Canada Post Information about Canadian postal codes and current postal rates.
United States Postal Service Zip code lookup.
National Hurricane Center (US) Storm advisories from the US Weather service.

Selected Ontario Provincial Government and Government of Canada Web Sites
Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care Info about OHIP and Health Cards.
Ontario Provincial Parks Locate parks and available campsites. Book online.
Ministry of Transportation Ontario Licence and registration info and road reports.
Official Road Map of Ontario

Government of Canada Government telephone directory for MPs, Senators and Federal Ministries and Agencies.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada Info about Canadian citizenship and documentation.
Service Canada Info about the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security(OAS), etc.
The Job Bank A Service Canada site with current job postings.
Canada Revenue Agency: Charities Section Regulations re. charitable organizations.
Environment Canada Weather warnings, forecasts and conditions across Canada.

Some sites chosen for their curiosity value, or for personal interest or pleasure.
Earth and Moon Viewer View what part of the earth is in daylight at any moment.
The Neave Planetarium A real time planetarium adjustable to your location.

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The PresbyKirk Library is the creation of Robert J. Bernhardt.