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The Presbyterian Reformed Heritage

The PresbyKirk Library is a collection of Internet material associated with "", the official website of the Presbytery of Hamilton of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. It is intended to be a resource library for our own faith community as well as being a source of information for those who are interested in learning more about the various Presbyterian and Reformed branches of the Christian Church in the world.

If your interest is primarily in the area of theology then the material that you are looking for will probably be found in our Theology Section. We invite you to explore both the historical and the contemporary theological resources presented there. The additional material collected here has been grouped into several categories.

We acknowledge that the material included here is very minimal. Also, we need to indicate that we do not intend the inclusion of material here to be a direct or even indirect endorsement of the organizations or web sites presented. This information is presented purely for informational and educational purposes. We invite your comments and suggestions to help us expand and improve this area of our PresbyKirk library.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC)and its related Organizations and Programs
The Presbyterian Church in Canada The official web site of the PCC.
Chapel Place Presbyterian Church (PCC) serving the Arabic speaking community in Toronto
Presbyterian Archives The archives of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.
National Presbyterian Museum The national museum of the Presbyterian Church in Canada

Other Presbyterian and Reformed denominations and organizations operating in Canada
Associated Presbyterian Churches (APC) Only three congregations in Canada.
Canadian and American Reformed Churches
Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRC)
Free Reformed Churches of North America (FRC) Established in 1974.
Orthodox Presbyterian Church The OPC has 6 congregations in Ontario.
Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church a congregation of The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America
Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) About 20 congregations or missions in Canada.
Reformed Church in America (RCA)
Reformed Church of Quebec (RCQ) Established in 1988.
United Church of Canada (UCC)

Other Presbyterian and Reformed denominations and organizations
Church of Scotland
Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America (CPCA)
Presbyterian Church (USA) The largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States.

The Presbyterian Historical Society An official organization of the Presbyterian Church(USA)
World Communion of Reformed Churches

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The PresbyKirk Library is the creation of Robert J. Bernhardt.