Searching the Internet

When it comes to the Internet most people have a favourite search engine. For most things using one's favourite search engine works fine. However, there are times when either using a multiple of search engines or using ones specially selected for the subject matter produce far better results. Here we offer you a variety of search engines with some notes as to how and why you might choose to use them. The right search engines, when used effectively, will produce amazingly good results. Internet search engines today are updated more regularly and are more intuitive when you make requests of them than ever before.

Experiment with some of these until you find the ones that seem to work most effectively for you!

Note! Most search engine sites provide advice, often under the label "Advanced", on how to do effective searching. These notes are worth reading carefully as they may enable you to extend or restrict your search so as to achieve the results you desire very quickly.

Google This is the most popular and powerful all purpose search engines available.
Yahoo is a huge Internet access site that provides a search engine.
Dogpile A mega search engine that often produces interesting results.
HotBot The emphasis is on privacy.
Kartoo A search engine with a different look.
Wayback Machine An archive of old web sites that are not currently posted on the Internet.
Web Crawler
World Site Index A searchable directory of websites organized by subject.

Tutorials and aids for effective Internet searching.

There are a variety of tricks and techniques for finding what you want in any indexing system. That's equally true whether you in an old library searching through those lovely wooden files filled with 3" x 5" cards or staring at the screen of a computer monitor. This reality is even more imposing when you are trying to find what you want in the invisible and complex world of the Internet. Sharpen your skills and you save yourself hours! Better yet, sharpen your skills and you actually find what you are looking for!

Websitebuilders.Com Introductory helps for using the Internet more effectively.
Search Engine Showdown A web user's guide to Search Engines.
SearchEngineWatch.Com Everything you need to know to be an expert.

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