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We welcome your comments and suggestions anytime.

Welcome to PresbyKirk

This is the official website of the Presbytery of Hamilton (Ontario) of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. We know that sounds dreary but, like everyone else, we are obliged to grow where we were planted.

Of course, our primary obligation is to provide basic news of events in the Presbyterian Churches in and around Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. However, we aspire to do other things as well.

For example, the “Library” section of the website provides links to a substantial collection of general Christian resources and also to a convenient list of Christian organizations in Canada.

We also aspire just to have some fun from time to time.

We feel that it is our calling to counteract the widespread, and admittedly well-earned, perception that Christians, especially Presbyterian Christians, are uncomfortably serious and much too dour of disposition.

So, we welcome you to PresbyKirk and invite your observations and suggestions if you would be so kind and generous with your time as to offer them to us.

We hope that you enjoy your visit and perhaps may even feel inclined to return.